Tommaso Cattani - Game Developer

Hey There! I'm Tommaso Cattani, and I usually sign my work as "Tom Curly".
I'm a 22 years old Game Design student at TheSign Academy in Firenze, Italy.
I love making personal interactive experiences, that feel good to play but also talk about deep themes.
I'm interested in any kind of creative experience, so feel free to contact me!


  • Game Design

    One of my main skills. I'm confident in designing unique and interesting Video Game concepts, while also knowing when to cut ideas to achieve an elegant design.

  • Level Design

    One of my main skills. I'm able to design and build levels that reinforce the game's themes, while elegantly teaching players how to approach the experience.

  • User Experience

    I'm very confident in polishing and testing games in order to achieve a high-level, arcade-like Game feel, with studies on Feedback and Input design.

  • Unity Engine

    I'm well-versed with the Unity Engine, with a good grasp on its many features, mostly in order to prototype and build levels.

  • C# Programming

    I'm able to code unoptimized but functional C# code for the Unity Engine, in order to quickly prototype games.

  • Digital Art

    I'm capable of creating both simple Pixel and 3D Art, using Aseprite and Blender respectively.

Currently working on...

  • NeonWraith.html

    Tom Curly's NeonWraith

    Currently a simple Prototype with a playable Toy.
    NeonWraith is a 2D Neon Hack-'n'-Slash in which you can come back to life to take vengeance on your enemies.

    Click the image for more info!

My Past Work

  • Daymaker with Tom Curly

    A 3D Meta-Adventure Prototype about messing with files in your desktop in order to save a ruined world.

  • NE-P10

    A Game feel centric game in which you control a ball, pushing it around to reach the end of the level.

  • Komorebi

    A 3D-Adventure Prototype about playing music in order to unite different creatures. I worked with a team as a programmer and 3D creature artist.

  • Orange is our favourite colour

    A Racing game about gender inequity in which you control two characters at once.

  • And more!

    Who knows.


Contact me directly!

Call me anytime: (+39) 3890997443

    Find me on Telegram for updates on my games!